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Key Indicators
GDP per Capita (2017) US$ 3438.16
GDP Growth rate (2017) 4.63 %
Population Poverty Rate (2017) 8.2%
General Literacy Rate (2017) 71.4%
Youth Literacy Rate (2017) 93.1%
Household with Improved Sanitation Facilities (2017) 74.8%
Disability Prevalence Rate (2017) 2.1%
Population Access to Improved Water Sources (2017) 98.6%
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BMIS data collection at 3,800 meters
May 2010 , on the way to Laya: Be it rain, hailstorm, snowfall, burning sun, we continued our hike to interview the mountain people of Bhutan. After two days of walk from the road head, the Gasa enumeration team, sweating and exhausted from the intense.. » Read More
Dec 28, 2012    News    admin   1693 views   
BMIS data collection training underway
7 April 2010, Thimphu: Over 200 enumerators are under-going a two-week training on data collection for the Bhutan Multiple Indicator Survey (BMIS) 2010. The survey, conducted for the first time in Bhutan, will cover over 15,000 households in all the 20.. » Read More
Dec 28, 2012    News    admin   1644 views   
Launching BhutanInfo
Thimphu, 3 Dec. 2009: The National Statistics Bureau (NSB) and the UN system in Bhutan officially launched BhutanInfo on 03 December 2009 at Hotel Tashi Taj in Thimphu. BhutanInfo is a database tool for advocacy and monitoring of socio-economic.. » Read More
Dec 28, 2012    News    admin   2533 views   
Small Area Estimation Training
Paro, 20-24th November 2009:The NSB in collaboration with UNSIAP conducted 5 days basic training on Small Area Estimation. The Professor was provided by UNSIAP, and there were 22 participants (14 from NSB and others from various Ministries and.. » Read More
Dec 28, 2012    News    admin   1585 views   
Annual Statistics Quiz Competition
Monggar, 28th October 2009: The Annual Statistics Quiz competition was organized by the National Statistics Bureau (NSB) with financial support from the UNFPA (Zamling Chi Tsog MiLhop MaNguel). The Annual Statistics Quiz competition was also organized.. » Read More
Dec 28, 2012    News    admin   1695 views   
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