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Key Indicators
GDP per Capita (2017) US$ 3438.16
GDP Growth rate (2017) 4.63 %
Population Poverty Rate (2017) 8.2%
General Literacy Rate (2017) 71.4%
Youth Literacy Rate (2017) 93.1%
Labour Force Participation Rate (2018) 62.6%
Unemployment Rate (2018) 3.4%
Youth (15-24 yrs) Unemployment Rate (2018) 15.7%
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Consumer Price Index 1st Quater 2012

Consumer Price Index

According to the CPI, overall consumer prices rose by 9.46% in the 1st quarter of 2012 over the same period a year earlier, larger than the rate of increase in 4th quarter 2011 (8.46%). The food prices contributed 11.40% and non-food prices by 8.39% to the overall inflation.

TThe quarter to quarter inflation rate is 3.02% was larger than the corresponding increase in 4th quarter 2011 (1.72%). The food prices increase by 5.02% while the price movement in non-food products are much less at 1.92%. The food inflation of 5.02% is particularly due to increase in the prices of fruits, bread and cereals, non-alcoholic beverages, dairy products and meat items during this quarter. For details refer to our main report.


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