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GDP per Capita (2018) US$ 3331.13
GDP Growth rate (2018) 3.03 %
Population Poverty Rate (2017) 8.2%
General Literacy Rate (2017) 71.4%
Youth Literacy Rate (2017) 93.1%
Labour Force Participation Rate (2019) 66.4%
Unemployment Rate (2019) 2.7%
Youth (15-24 yrs) Unemployment Rate (2019) 11.9%
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Two-Stage Child Disability Study Report


Two-Stage Child Disability Study Report

22nd August 2012 :

NSB is pleased to release the Two-Stage Child Disability Study Report. It is based on the two stage study designed to estimate the prevalence of childhood disabilities among children 2-9 years in Bhutan. The first stage of the survey was conducted as part of the Bhutan Multiple Indicator Survey (BMIS) 2010 which included a Ten Questions (TQ) module on disability in the household questionnaire to screen children aged 2-9 years old with the purpose of identifying children who were considered more likely to be living with a disability. Out of the sample of 11,370 children, 3,500 children were screened as having potentially a functional impairment or disability. In the second stage the 3,500 children screened positive in the first stage and an additional 787 children randomly selected and representing 10 percent of the children, who were screened negative, were assessed. The Report will be formally launched during this year’s World Statistics Day, 20th October

» Two-Stage Child Disability Study Report   ( 1486kb *.pdf, Dec 28, 2012 )


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